Avast is one of the best antiviruses that ensures your online privacy and freedom. It is the most trusted service among millions of users for home, business, and partners. Avast ensures complete protection on all your devices against viruses, malware, ransomware, etc. It offers a VPN connection and lets its users get the best of internet content. Despite all its advantages, there may be times you would like to cancel Avast subscription for all good. The best thing about Avast is it will not restrict you cancel its subscription at any time. However, cancellation steps will differ greatly based on the subscription model. For further assistance, you shall check out space below.

How to Cancel Avast Subscription?

There are multiple ways in which you can cancel the Avast subscription. It entirely depends on the mode of purchase.

Cancel Avast Subscription using Google Play

The step-by-step instruction given below will let you cancel Avast subscription from Google Play Store.

Important: The following steps will work only if you have purchased Avast from Play Store.

1. Launch Google Play Store app on your Android device.

2. Select Menu or the three horizontal line to expand the menu.

Press Menu

3. Choose Subscriptions option from the list of menu.

Select Subscriptions

4. Click on the Avast subscription you want to cancel.

Select the Subscription

5. Press Cancel subscription.

Click Cancel Subscription

6. You shall provide a reason for canceling the subscription. Click Continue.

Choose a Reason

7. Tap on Cancel Subscription button to confirm the action.

Confirm Cancelling

8. Upon successfully canceling the subscription, you will receive a confirmation by email.

Cancel Avast Subscription using App Store

To cancel an Avast subscription purchased through the App Store, follow the steps given below.

1. Launch App Store app on your iOS device.

2. Press the Profile icon available at the top-right corner.

Click Profile icon

3. Choose Subscriptions options.

Select Subscription

4. Select the Avast subscription you want to cancel.

Choose Subscription

5. Click on the Cancel Subscription button. If you want to cancel the trial, then you will find Cancel Free Trial.

Choose Subscription

6. Tap on the Confirm option. You will receive an email upon successfully unsubscribing.

Select Confirm

Avast Website or Avast App on PC

If you have subscribed to Avast from its official website or Avast app, then follow the below steps to cancel it.

1. Open the browser and visit https://id.avast.com/sign-in to sign in to your account.

2. Choose Subscriptions tile on the Welcome screen.

Choose Subscriptions - Cancel Avast Subscription

3. Navigate to click on the Unsubscribe button under the Avast subscription you want to cancel.

Select Unsubscribe

4. Click on the radio button to choose to Unsubscribe from future renewals. Tap on the Confirm button.

Select Confirm - Cancel Avast Subscription

5. The following screen will inform you that unsubscribing will take up to 24 hours. Select the Got it button to proceed.

Got It - Cancel Avast Subscription

FYI: You will find Unsubscribing in progress when opted to unsubscribe. If the status shows Expired, then you have successfully canceled the subscription.

Expiring or Expired - Cancel Avast Subscription

6. When the subscription is canceled, you will receive a confirmation email.

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Cancel Avast Subscription using Avast Customer Portal

Avast users who have purchased the VPN over Digital River or Nexway can follow the respective section to cancel the subscription.

Using Digital River

1. On your email inbox, open the order confirmation email either from no.re[email protected] or [email protected]

2. Locate and make a note of the order ID and password.

Order ID and Password - Cancel Avast Subscription

3. Visit the customer portal of Avast (https://www.avast.com/find-order).

4. Enter the order ID and password as noted and click on Log in button.

Login - Cancel Avast Subscription

5. Select Unsubscribe button under Your Subscriptions section.


6. Click in to Unsubscribe from further renewals and press Confirm.

 - Cancel Avast Subscription

7. Select Got It button on the following screen.

Click Got it - Cancel Avast Subscription

8. You will find status as Expiring when the subscription cancellation begins.

Using Nexway

Upon subscribing to Avast using the Nexway Customer Portal, you shall need to follow the steps to cancel it.

1. Visit the Avast Customer portal based on the location you use it.

2. Provide the Sign in details like email address and password. Click Sign in.

3. Select Change Auto Renewal Settings under Quick Links.

Change Auto Renewal Settings

4. Choose the subscription you wish to cancel.

Choose Subscription

5. Under Auto Renewal section, click on Disabled option.

Disabled - Cancel Avast Subscription

6. Select Disable automatic renewal to confirm and cancel your subscription.

7. Upon canceling the subscription, you will find Auto-Renewal Disabled in the Status.

Auto Renewal Disabled - Cancel Avast Subscription

Avast Support

Make sure you know your order ID of Avast subscription and then follow the steps.

1. Visit https://support.avast.com/contact/sales_autorenewal/ to open the Avast support contact form.

2. Choose Change button next to I want to unsubscribe.

Select Change

3. Select the necessary option and press Next to proceed.

Next - Cancel Avast Subscription

4. Enter the necessary details like name, email order ID, and click on Submit Request.

Submit Request - How to Cancel Avast Subscription

That was all the possible methods in which you can end your subscription with Avast. Hope that was a useful session for you. Drop a comment if you have any questions or suggestions to share with us.