Samsung Galaxy Watch is a smart wearable device designed and developed to simplify several activities that we used to do in our day to day life like viewing notification, monitoring health, changing music, and many others. All this activity can be accessed right from your wrist with a simple tap. Among its features, the following section will show the steps to get, view, and reply to text messages right from the Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Steps to View Text Message on Samsung Galaxy Watch

Turn on Notifications:

[1] Download and install the Galaxy Wearable (Samsung Gear) app on your smartphone (If you have already installed, check whether it is up to date).

Smasung Wear app

[2] Pair the app with your Samsung Galaxy watch.

[3] Under the Home tab, select the Notification menu.

[4] Under Notifications, toggle the slider to receive a notification on your Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Turn on notification - How to get text message on Samsung Smart Watch

[5] Tap the Manage Notifications section and ensure that the notifications for messages were turned on.

Manage notifications - How to get text message on Samsung Smart Watch

[5] Now, you will receive all text message notifications on your Samsung Galaxy watch.

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View text message on Samsung Galaxy Watch

[6] Press the home button on your Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Power button

[7] Tap on the message icon.

[8] Rotate the bezel to scroll the message and tap on any message to view.

Note: Samsung Watch does not have permission to show notification from iMessages. So switch your default messaging app to some other app on your iOS device.

Problem in Receiving Text Message Notifications from iPhone

If you haven’t text message notification on Samsung Galaxy Watch from iPhone, try this fix:

[1] Open Settings on your iPhone.

[2] Under settings, tap on Bluetooth settings.

[3] Click on the info (i) icon near the Samsung watch name.

[4] Ensure that the Share System Notifications menu was turned on.

Share system notification - How to get text message on Samsung Smart Watch

[5] Now you can receive all the notification from your iOS device.

If the problem persists, reset your Samsung Galaxy Watch to fix the issue.

How to Reply to Text Messages on Samsung Galaxy Watch

Apart from viewing the text message, Samsung Galaxy Watch also enables you to reply to those messages. You can respond to Samsung Galaxy Watch in 5 different ways:

  • Edit responses: Quick response is another way to reply that suggests you with some relative reply according to the message received and can be sent just by tapping on the quick message.
  • Emoji: It also enables you to respond with emoji based on the message.
  • Microphone: Say the reply through the voice, and it converts speech into text. Then, tapĀ Send on your watch.
  • Text: You can also reply by writing the text on the watch face.
  • Doodle: Doodle is a rough drawing drawn on your watch face, and the reply sent in the form of images.

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