Nintendo Switch consoles are one of the best gaming consoles. You can use the console in three different modes: TV Mode, Handheld Mode, and Tabletop Mode. Every smart device has its issue of its own. But for all the issues, there is one simple solution, restarting the device. Restart your Nintendo Switch console if you have any minor issues.

Unlike other smart devices, the restart option on Nintendo Switch is not a straight forward option. You need to do two to three steps to get the restart option.

Why Restart Nintendo Switch Console?

Restarting the Nintendo Switch will solve minor issues and remove bugs in the device. When the device is restarted, all the background operations will be stopped, and the device will go to standby mode. There is nothing wrong with restarting the device. It won’t delete any saved information or won’t format the device. Restarting the device once in a while is always recommended as it deletes the temporary files, cache files, and cookies stored in the device.

How to Restart Nintendo Switch?

(1) On your console, press and hold the Power button on the top.

Power button

(2) Three options will appear: Sleep Mode, Power Options, and Close.

Restart Nintendo Switch

(3) Go to the Power Options and open it.

Power Options

(4) Now, you get the Restart option. Tap on it.

Restart Nintendo Switch

(5) The device will begin to restart.

Restart Nintendo Switch

(6) After the restart is done, you can use the console as normal.

Restart Nintendo Switch

If you still have issues with your console, you can reset the device. There are four different to reset the Nintendo Switch. You can reset the device by deleting the data and without deleting the data.

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Restart your Nintendo Switch console with these simple steps and remove the minor bugs & errors. If you keep on getting errors and the device is not responding after the restart, you can reset your device. If you still have issues with your Nintendo console, tell us the exact issue in the comments below. We will suggest a solution.