We all know about Square root (√) a common function used in Math. But while typing you will not find the Square Root symbol on any Keyboard. But still, you can Type Square Root Using Keyboard and let us see how to do it.

Type Square Root Using Keyboard

You can get Square Root on Keyboard by using any one of the following method.

  • Square Root on Windows Keyboard
  • In Linux
  • Typing Square Root in Mac Keyboard
  • Alternatives
    • Copy and Paste
    • Use Insert Function

Type Square Root using Windows Keyboard

Have you ever heard of Alt Code? Each and every character or symbol parse has its own code. If you want to type a particular symbol you can use a combination of certain keys with Alt. So the Alt code for Square root is 251. So here is how you could get the Square root symbol using Keyboard.

Square Root using Windows Keyboard
  • On any software on Windows, you could use this code to type Square Root.
  • Now press the Alt and hold.
  • Then type the code “251” on the Keyboard.
  • Once you finish typing 1 release the Alt key simultaneously,

You can see the Square Root (√) symbol on the screen.

Remember you should only use the Keys on the Right side Number panel to get the code. If you use the numbers from the alphanumeric key row you will not get the desired symbol.

In Laptops

In the case of a laptop where you won’t have the Numpad, you have to use different methods to get this done. Usually, in Laptop Keyboards you can see some numbers in blue on a few keys.

  • Press Fn + F11 together which enables the Number and it will now turn on the numerical keyboard.
  • Now press and hold the Alt key.
  • So now press K and I and J keys which denotes 2, 5, and 1 respectively.

Now you can see Square root on your desired place. Then press Fn and F11 to turn off the Number lock.

In Linux

Square Root using Linux Keyboard

In Linux keyboard Press and Hold the Control+Shift keys together. And then press “u221a”. Once after you release the “a” you can find the insertion of Square Root (√) on the place.

Using Mac Keyboard

Square root using Mac Keyboard

Mac has a simple shortcut to type the Square Root. It is also an Alt code. Now on your Mac keyboard press the Option (Alt) key and “V” key together. When you release this you can find the Square Root being inserted.

Alternative Ways

Copy and Paste

Universal way to insert any symbol is to just copy and paste the symbol from any other document or from any website. Use Ctrl+C to copy the symbol and Ctrl+V to paste the symbol.

Use Insert Function

  1. In windows
    • Press Windows + R and type “charmap“.
    • This will open the Character utility Map.
    • Or In the MS suite in Menu Bar go to Insert >> Symbol >> More Symbols. Choose Number forms in the subset.
    • There you could find many symbols from which you can choose “Square Root” and click insert.
  2. In Mac
    • Press Command+Control+Space Key to pop out character view.
    • And search the symbol by specifying name or Number forms.
    • Choose and Insert the symbol.

If you know other ways of inserting the square root symbol, leave a comment below.