In recent times, Zoom meeting is the most popular video calling application. Though Zoom Meeting has a lot of communication options, it is mainly used for video calling purposes. It provides you various options like scheduling, screen sharing, and recording the session. It’s easy to install Zoom Meeting on a Roku device.

Zoom Meeting app is not available on the Roku Channel Store. You have to screen mirror the Zoom Meeting app from your smartphone or PC. Apart from screen mirroring, there is no possible way to get Zoom Meetings on Roku.

How To Enable Screen Mirroring On Roku

Step-1: Connect your Roku device to your TV.

Step-2: Select the Settings option from the home screen.

Step-3: Click the System settings option.

Step-4: Select the Screen mirroring option.

Step-5: Click Enable screen mirroring option.

select screen mirroring.

Now, the screen mirroring gets enable on your Roku device. You can use Android or Windows PC to watch Zoom Meeting.

Zoom Meeting on Roku: Using Android

Step-1: Connect your Roku and Android device to the same WiFi connection.

Step-2: On your Android device, go to the Notification Panel.

Step-3: Tap the Screen Cast or Screen Mirror icon.

Zoom Meeting on Roku

Step-5: On the list of devices, choose your Roku TV.

Zoom Meeting on Roku

Step-6: To mirror your Roku TV and Android device, click the Accept button n your Roku.

Step-7: Now, open the Zoom Meeting app on your Android device.

Step-8: Select New meeting and add or invite the members to the meeting.

Step-9: Now, the Zoom Meeting will get appear on your TV connected to your Roku device.

Zoom Meeting on Roku: Using Windows

Step-1: Connect your PC or Laptop and Roku device to the same WiFi connection.

Step-2: Press Windows + P keys from your PC or Laptop.

Step-3: Now, select Connect to a wireless display.

connect to a wireless display

Step-4: Now, the available wireless will be listed on your screen.

Step-5: Then, choose your Roku TV.

Step-6: Open the Zoom Meeting app on your PC.

Step-7: The app will be mirrored to your Roku device.

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Now, you can invite your friends or employees to your Zoom Meeting and mirror it to your Roku. While mirroring, you have to use your smartphone or PC for the microphone and speaker. Have any doubts about the Zoom Meetings app, tell us in the comments below.