MI Box, an Android-based streaming device, is one among the line of Xiaomi products. The main aim of MI Box is to convert any non-smart TV into a Smart TV. Moreover, it has got built-in Chromecast, an intuitive interface, and comes with a Google assistant. As said, this is an Android-based device which means you can download apps from the Play Store. There is no shortage of apps to get from. But still, many of us would wonder what are necessary or the best apps to keep us entertained. So we come up with a list of the few best apps for MI Box under various categories.

Best Apps for MI Box

The apps are classified under 9 different categories, choose the one that best suits you.

1) Netflix
2) YouTube TV
3) Amazon Prime
4) Disney Plus
5) Hulu
6) Sling TV
7) Pandora
8) Spotify
10) Play Kids
11) Endless Learning Academy
12) Twitch
13) Asphalt 4
14) Crossy Road

Apps for MI Box

1 Netflix

Cost: Basic – $8.99/month for 1 device, Standard – $12.99/month for 2 devices, Premium – $15.99/month for 5 devices

Netflix is like a streaming giant. This is the most used streaming application around the world. The name becomes more of a noun to mention streaming. We don’t need any explanation for Netflix. Watching Netflix on a larger screen is always fun.


Netflix offers movies, series, documentaries, few original shows, TV shows, etc. It is available in almost all countries and ruling the streaming world as a crownless king. This came first when we thought of writing about the best apps for MI Box.

2 YouTube TV.

Cost: $64.99/month with 14 days free trial and 3 simultaneous streaming. You can also buy and rent movies of your choice.

YouTube is one of the best streaming apps that we are using in our day-to-day life a lot. We have got YouTube TV and YouTube Music app. With YouTube TV, you will be getting 85+ Live TV channels along with various on-demand content like movies and TV shows. So with YouTube TV, you can get more than from a normal YouTube app.

Apps for MI Box

YouTube TV is available for almost all Android TV boxes. Moreover, it is great to stream YouTube TV on a bigger screen. A few of the most promising channels that come with YouTube TV are ABC, ESPN, HGTV, CBS, Fox, NBC, TNT, etc. Hence this app appears on our list of best apps for MI Box.

3 Amazon Prime

Cost: $12.99/month and $119/year

Next to Netflix, there comes Amazon Prime as one of the best and most-use OTT platforms. With Amazon Prime, you would be able to stream various content like movies, TV shows, short films, and documentaries. But then you will not be able to stream Live TV with Prime subscriptions. Still, you will watch various TV shows and programs.

Amazon Prime Video

High-quality on-demand videos are featured. And also, you will be getting various top featured, suggested movies based on your recent watch history. Amazon Prime becomes more valuable than all other streaming services as you get more benefits, including shopping deals and offers, Amazon Prime Music, etc.

4 Disney Plus

Cost: $6.99/month and $69.99/year with 7-days free trial.

With all the channels starting to roll out their standalone streaming services Disney plus is introduced by Disney. With one Disney Plus subscription, you can stream content from Star Wars, Pixar, Marvel, National Geography. Moreover, you get to stream lots and lots of free content featured too.

Apps for MI Box

Disney is a collective treasure of your childhood memories. And it does come with parental controlling features so that you can stream it to the kids and astonish them. This app on your MI Box can make your Android box experience more exciting.

5 Hulu

Cost: Basic plan – $5.99/month, Ad-free premium plan – $11.99/month, Basic + Live TV – $54.99/month, Ad-free premium + Live TV – $60.99/month

The next best app on the list of best streaming apps for MI Box is our Hulu. Just like YouTube, you get a wide array of on-demand movies and TV shows, but there is no free content. Like YouTube TV, you are getting 65+ Live TV options to stream that includes CNBC, CNN, Fox, Discovery, Animal Planet, NASA, Disney, TNT, etc.


The live TV channels that you are getting with Hulu + live TV subscriptions are US-based. Hulu also features various original contents and original series. With Hulu on MI Box, you get to access various contents under one roof.

6 Sling TV

Cost: Free, Orange – $30/month with 32 channels, Blue – $30/month with 47 channels and Combined pack – $45/month for 52 channels.

The best and the most cost-effective streaming TV service provider is the Sling TV. Along with nearly 200 Live TV channels, you get to stream various on-demand movies, TV shows, and various other contents on your MI TV box. Both the free and paid version offers you more than 80000 on-demand videos to stream.


Sling TV is considered one of the best cord-cutting options. The list of channels that Sling TV offers include AMC, CNN, ESPN, Food Network, TBS, USA, FX, EI Rey, Viceland, Comedy Central, History, NFL, IFC network, etc.

7 Pandora

Cost: Free, Premium $9.99/month or 109.89/year for on device. Family plan at $14.99/month or $164.89/year for 6 devices. And a student plan costs $4.99/month, and a military plan costs $7.99/month.

Apart from all video streaming services, MI Box can support music streaming applications too. This will be more exciting for music lovers. With Pandora, you can stream a curated list of various music, nearly 2 million songs, radio broadcasts, and podcasts. Based on your taste the Pandora customize your music suggestions that best suit your music preferences.


You can get more songs and music access even with the free plan. But then, while going for the premium subscription, you will get more features like music in high-quality, ad-free streaming, unlimited skipping and replaying, create your own playlists, download audios for offline streaming, etc.

8 Spotify

Cost: Free, $9.99/month for an individual, $12.99/month for 2 devices, $14.99/month for 6 accounts, and Student plan at $4.99/month.

The next best streaming app for MI Box is Spotify. Just like Pandora, Spotify offers songs and podcasts, except you get a curated list of 50 million songs from various artists and languages. All the podcasts and songs have been categorized under various genres like pop, Rock, Classical, Hollywood, Bollywood, Retro, etc.


In Spotify, you can search for your favorite songs and listen to them anywhere anytime. If you are in party mode, you can get party-based music by choosing your preferences. With Spotify premium, you can get unlimited high-quality streaming of 50 million songs, no ad or interruption, no abroad limitations, download songs for offline streaming, etc.


Cost: Free, Comes under Pay-TV subscription.

Home and Garden Television channel is a dedicated channel for home decorations and gardening. With the HGTV app, you get various shows streamed on the TV channel related to modeling and remodeling houses and gardens, interior and exterior designing, gardening, decorations, landscape, architecture, etc. This is one of the best lifestyle-based and enhancing TV channel applications.


Sometimes you may also get contents that are related to the real estate and buildings for purchase, rent, etc. HGTV app is named the HGTV Go. It features 10,000 episodes from HGTV based TV shows and nearly 150 series from superstars and experts instantly.

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10 Play Kids

Cost: Free, $8.99/month

Play Kids platform is entirely focused on the kid’s learning and entertainment. This app features kids’ favorite shows, cartoons, rhymes, and games that will help the kids to learn various basic pre-school stuff. And the featured contents are ad-free and offer various free content too. With the subscription, you get to unlock books, games, series, lullabies, etc.

Apps for MI Box

The app mainly suits kids between ages 2 to 10. It features various contents for toddlers in the stream of science, technology, mathematics, language, etc. The pediatrics psychiatrists monitor and develop the app contents. And it also covers literacy, music, meditation, motor coordination, logic, and whatnot.

11 Endless Learning Academy

Cost: Free, $7.99/month, and $89.99 a lifetime purchase.

This is another best app for your MI Box and helps your toddlers and munchkins to prepare for their kindergarten. All the contents in this application are totally based on the proven classroom techniques, which will help your kids to learn in a much-enhanced way. Endless Learning Academy covers all the necessary basics that a child would learn in pre-school as video lessons.

Apps for MI Box

The teaching syllabus includes various subjects like language alphabets, vocabulary, reading, numbers, basic math, coloring, etc. And all the contents are ad-free, with more than 1000s video lessons that are customized according to the user’s needs and wants.

12 Twitch

Cost: Free, premium plan costs $9.99/month and $24.99/month

Twitch is an online game streaming application. If you are an ardent gamer or aspiring to be a future one or just like to watch the games played, then Twitch is your go-to. In Twitch, the gamers will create their own streaming channel and stream various games and game-playing methods. Mostly video game broadcasting is becoming more like a YouTube business as you get to earn.


On Twitch, the streamers who will stream video games and viewers the audience can interact with each other in life. Chat on Twitch is becoming a more interesting feature is you can discuss more and more about your games. Apart from games, you can get various other vested interests like cooking. With the app on your MI Box, you can watch various game streams to refer to while playing games on your mobile.

13 Asphalt 9

Cost: Free, In-app purchase for few game items.

Car racing games have been a craze for more than a decade with their adventurous and thrilling nature. Asphalt is one of the top car racing developers. Now we have got Asphalt 9, where the player gets to drive various hypercars, including Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, and W Motors’ Lycan. It is the most hyper-realistic arcade game that gives you a chill on the spine.

Apps for MI Box

You can select and customize your cars, and all the cars are selected based on their performance in reality. And in Asphalt 9 you get to create your online community in which you can share your gaming experience and also hear others. The gameplay goes like you need to complete 6 game seasons and 800 events and then compete with 7 rivals to become an asphalt racer.

14 Crossy Road

Cost: Free, In-app purchase for few game items.

Crossy Road is one of the best apps for MI box and was developed by Hipster Whale. With millions of downloads, it stands as one of the best games for your TV, and it is well suited for Children. The game features characters inspired by150 retro-styled pop art. The gameplay goes like you will be dodging traffics in the Candy Wonderland with an android robot.

Crossy Road

This is indeed one of the time killer games on your MI Box. The app is available for free to download on the Play Store. The game will have ads and seek various permission to access data, including location. It is an arcade-based video game, and it is based on an old joke, “why did the chicken cross the road?”.

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Few Other Apps for MI Box

The following are few other app suggestions for MI Box.

  1. Streaming Apps
    • Crackle
    • Vudu
    • Pluto TV
    • Fubo TV
    • Philo
    • Mobdro
  2. Kids
    • Nick Jr
    • PBS Kids
  3. Music Streaming
    • MusixMatch
    • iHeart Radio
    • Tune in
  4. Games
    • Modern Combat 4
    • Minion Rush
    • Mechanics Escape
    • Wonder Zoo
    • Turbo Dismount
    • Hungry Shark Evolution
  5. Lifestyle
    • Food Network
    • Travel channel
  6. Social Media
    • Haystack TV
    • Facebook
  7. Media Player
    • Plex
    • Kodi
  8. Sports
    • NBA
    • MLB
  9. Others
    • TED
    • Vevo
    • MX Player
    • Air Screen

With these apps on your Mi Box, you can get everything you need on your TV. Install the app you need from this list and have a hassle-free streaming & gaming experience. Let us know if you have any app suggestions in the comment section below.