Apple Watch is an uncomparable smartwatch in the market. It can be accessed while indoors as well as outdoor activities. Nevertheless, watchOS has failed to impress us with various fitness tracking functions. Besides tracking your health, you can use it to track any sport. Simultaneously you can also use this to attend and make calls, messages, etc. Those ardent Golf player would have come across the product called Golf Watch. It will help you keep track of your game. Likewise, your Apple watch can keep your Golf records like many other Golf watches. It is possible with the Golf apps that can be downloaded on your Apple Watch. So this article sums up the 13 best Golf apps for Apple Watch. Help yourself to choose the best.

Best Golf Apps for Apple Watch

  1. Golf Shot
  2. Hole19 GPS app
  3. Golf GameBook
  4. 18 Birdies
  5. Zepp Golf
  6. Golf Logix
  7. Golf GPS++
  8. Fun Golf GPS
  9. Golf Coach
  10. Hudl Technique Golf
  11. Coach’s Eye
  12. USGA
  13. Golf Handicap Tracker & Scores


It is still a top pick for the best Golf apps on Apple Watch. It gives perfect interaction with the Apple Watch. The UI has excellent graphics, and this still stands first. It got its own free and premium version. If satisfied and seek more, then go for a premium version that costs $4.99/month or $23.99/year. The issue is the UI will take more time to learn.

GolfShot - Best Golf Apps for Apple Watch
Distance to the middle.
It will register all strokes.
Friends list and interaction.
GolfNow courses up to an 80% discount.
All options on the Free list.
Hazard real-time distances.
It traps over 40,000 Golf courses.
Adjust the Handicap directly. You can link the GHIN number.
3-D Flyover. View all holes with Zoom.
Download GolfShot
Download GolfShot

2. Hole 19 GPS app

Hole 19 GPS app is a perfect option for those who are looking for a social networking app. You got to register to use this app, and it is very tiring. With this, you will get the distance from the front, middle, and back of the Green. The UI of this app is so intuitive. It also has free and premium versions. Premium subscription costs you $29.99/6 months and $49.99/year.

 Hole 19 GPS app - Best Golf Apps for Apple Watch
Hole 19 GPS app
Distance to the Green.
Use Social interaction to find and book tee times.
Multiplayer and Offline play mode.
Progress tracking by signing on the web.
Annoying Ads.
All free version features.
Recommends club.
It includes advanced distance measure.
Augmented Reality for virtual play.
Notes with advanced statistics.
Download  Hole 19 GPS app
Download Hole 19 GPS app

3. Golf GameBook

You can join the club to enjoy playing with large groups or sports tournaments. GameBook is the next best in the list of best Golf Apps for the Apple Watch. You got a live chat room and scoreboard. Social media is the best option to use this app. Like the other two apps, you have a free version and a gold version (premium). GameBook gold version costs $2.99/month.

Golf GameBook - Best Golf Apps for Apple Watch
Golf GameBook
Golf GameBookGolf GameBook Gold
Distance tracking.
Excellent GPS feature.
Has Digital Scoreboard and real-time Leader board.
Tournaments and events.
Easy analysis of statistics.
Above all, it supports social media.
All the free features.
Advanced ad improved score statistics.
Private gaming sessions.
Download Golf GameBook
Download Golf GameBook

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4. 18 Birdies

The best Golf App for your Apple Watch includes 18 Birdies. It has various features that are worth checking out. Just like the GameBook, this app also supports tournaments. The app has developed its own social media where you can connect with your friends. The UI is so easy and clear. It is straightforward to navigate, and the yardages pop-up. It costs $99.99/year with a 14-day free trial, $9.99/month with 7 days free trial, and $2.99/week with no free trial.

18 Birdies - Best Golf Apps for Apple Watch
18 Birdies
It has distance tracking and GPS.
Track scores and statistics.
Multiplayer scoring.
Weather forecasting
Shot tracking
It notes low-battery mode.
Tournaments and
social connectivity.
All free features.
Caddy + for recommendations.
AI coach and Live coach
Advanced statistics
Live weather map.
Tee planner.
Blind shot
Download 18 Birdies
Download 18 Birdies

5. Zepp Golf

Are you looking for a Golf swing analyzer? Zepp Golf is the leader in this category. It comes with free innovative video recognition technology. Zepp Golf will automatically capture and analyze your swing movements. You can share the data with the health app and get more exciting results. It also has its community where you can interact with many other players.

Zepp Golf - Best Golf Apps for Apple Watch
Zepp Golf
It has automatic swing video recording and editing.
Highlights video creations.
Zepp community.
Smart coach and lead boards.
Primary real-time swing measure.
It gives driving range and tracking swings on the course.
Download Zepp Golf
Download Zepp Golf

6. Golf Logix

Among the list, this is the best user-friendly app. You could learn the app in no time. Moreover, it is the best battery saver app. Simultaneously, these apps come with 35000+ Golf courses. It is one of the most downloaded apps among the App Store. But then a bit expensive when compared to others. We do have free and pro versions. The pro version costs $9.99/month and $49.99/year.

Golf Logix - Best Golf Apps for Apple Watch
Golf Logix
Free VersionPro Version
3D navigation of the course.
3D maps of the green.
It has Digital Scoreboard and leader board.
GPS and distance tracking.
Putt reading.
Zoom functions are promising.
All in free versions along with
The Approach View will tell you
where to a lad on the ground.
Club tracking.
Adjust pin positions for
every green.
Download Golf Logix
Download Golf Logix

7. Golf GPS++

Golf GPS++ is not so popular but has many cool features. The features include measuring swing tempo and compute swing analysis. Other than that, it does include impact angle, hand speed along the swing plane. And it also records the distance of each store. With all the exciting features, the app lacks in the updates of local courses. The next trap is it works with the Apple watch only when you opt for the paid version. It costs $79.99/lifetime with 7 days of a free trial.

Golf GPS++ - Best Golf Apps for Apple Watch
Golf GPS++
GPS and Distance Tracker. Digital Scoreboard.
3D map. Hole Flyover.
Offline mode. Simple mode and shot by shot.
Built-in Swing and Putt analysis. Automatic tracking of strokes.
Club tracking. And adjust pin position for holes.
Download Golf GPS++
Download Golf GPS++

8. Golf Coach

The next best Golf app for the Apple watch is the Golf coach. The app mainly helps the coaches to teach the Golfers online. Golf Coach is totally free for both the coach and Golfer. By the way, it comes with more exciting features. The Golfer can decide whether or not to collect a fee. With this app, you can send text, voice, documents, images, and videos. It could integrate with the Golf stat coach, and you could also customize the app layout.

Golf Coach - Best Golf Apps for Apple Watch
Golf Coach
It has in-person lessons and Group students.
You can review and send broadcasts.
Join request acceptance of new students Auto and manually.
Group chats.
Receive payments.
Record videos in 240+ different frames.
It has My coach library to save distribute information.
Download Golf Coach
Download Golf Coach

9. Hudl Technique Golf

It was formerly known as Ubersense Golf. It allows you to evaluate and analyze your slings. With more than 10 million users, this could record every frame of your swing recording. Meanwhile, you can compare yourself with other professional golfers. You can also share the videos on social media sites like YouTube, Twitter, Dropbox, Facebook. It comes in different packages. Golf exclusives are the Golf pack at $14.99/month, Elite at $49.99/year, and $7.99/month. Additionally, you can access Tennis and Lacrosse pack at $19/month.

Hudl Technique Golf
Elite users can back up their video.
Sync videos to all devices.
Can pause videos while recording.
Stopwatch timer.
Edit videos with text.
You can tag and share videos.
Analyze with drawing tools.
Compare and Flip.
Download Hudl Technique Golf
Download Hudl Technique Golf

10. Coach’s Eye

The next best on the list of best Golf apps for Apple Watch is Coach’s Eye. It is mainly used to evaluate the performances. You can record videos and analyze the player. The app also allows connecting the coaches all over the world. It does have free and a VIP membership pack. The Premium package costs $120/month.

Coach's Eye - Best Golf Apps for Apple Watch
Coach’s Eye
Capture, Import, and Organize videos
Camera Zoom and video zoom as well
Instant reviews by side by side comparisons
Auto commentary, annotations, Slow motion
Share with 2 GB cloud storage
Register for 5 devices
Angle tool – Draw multiple angles
Timer Tool – Add timers and elapses
Spotlight to specify the important part
150 GB Cloud storage
HD video
Create lockers and organize contents
Download Coach's Eye
Download Coach’s Eye

11. Fun Golf GPS

Again this app comes with 3D map features. Fun Golf GPS has excellent GPS and distance tracking. It consists of over 18000 courses from the USA and 34000+ around the world. The premium plans cost $4.49/month and $19.99/year. The app is another best option to save your battery life. It will sync with the Health app and save your gaming session as a workout. Alongside this, it will also calculate the total calories you have burnt so far.

Fun Golf GPS- Best Golf Apps for Apple Watch
Fun Golf GPS
It has a scrollable distance tracker and hole layout.
High contrast and 3D maps
Location-based tracking and instant shot-tracking
Can keep scores for up to 4 players.
Automatic club suggestions
Pro-grade statistics
Scorecard management
Offline maps
Download Fun Golf GPS
Download Fun Golf GPS

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12. Golf Handicap Tracker & Scores

Still, now we didn’t see any app for handicap. A golf handicap is simply a measure that would compare players’ potential of different abilities. This app is very simple to use. The GUI is very intuitive. Here you can create your own friend’s list. So you could connect and compare with them. This app is free and has in-app purchase features. And the premium version of as cheap as $5.99/year.

Golf Handicap Tracker & Scores - Best Golf Apps for Apple Watch
Golf Handicap Tracker & Scores
It calculates handicap based on 2020 rules.
The app supports a 9-hole score combination.
Thousands of courses could calculate scores for each course.
Manually input score and rating.
Backup and restore.
Connect with friends and receive notifications.
Implement a soft cap and a hard cap to limit the extreme upward movement.
Download Golf Handicap Tracker & Scores
Download Golf Handicap Tracker & Scores


GHIN is the acronym of the Golf Handicap Information Network app. It is yet another Golf Handicap calculation app. The app offers services worldwide. It gives you a personalized experience. Simultaneously this app will allow us to follow and manage the game. This app can be used only by those golfers of a club using the GHIN exclusively through their Golf association. This app is completely free.

USGA - GHIN - Best Golf Apps for Apple Watch
Score Postings include total score, hole by hole score, and statistics.
The statistic tracking includes the number of Putts, green in regulations driving accuracy.
It has Score History, Golfer lookup, Course Handicap.
Download USGA - GHIN
Download USGA – GHIN

That was all our hand-curated collection of the best Golf Apps for the Apple Watch. Do you have any more suggestions? Then don’t forget to mention them in the comment section below.