Sometimes while surfing or even watching any streaming services, we may end up facing “This content is not accessible at your location.” It is literally the most annoying thing anyone must face, and it means the content you are looking for is geo-restricted or prohibited. When it comes to security and privacy, most of us are worried about third-parties and trackers who steal our data. In those cases, we may want to hide our identity and stay anonymous online. For all these and more benefits, we have got a solution called Virtual Private Network or VPN. It will hide your real IP Address and other geographical details. Or you can also change your location somewhere else. With a VPN, you can access those restricted contents as well. Here is the list of best VPN for Windows 10 PC that you shall find useful.

Best VPN for Windows PC

We need VPNs specially designed for the PCs that run on Windows 10 operating system. The following are the few best VPN that has their own version for Windows PC.

  1. Express VPN
  2. Cyber Ghost
  3. Norton
  4. Hotspot Shield
  5. Surfshark
  6. Buffered
  7. VPN Area
  8. Nord VPN
  9. IP Vanish
  10. VyprVPN

1. Express VPN

Costs $12.95/month. It drops to $9.99/month for 6 months pack and $6.67/month for 12 months pack. (30-day money-back guarantee)

Express VPN
Express VPN
  • It is faster and does have servers across 94 countries and server coverage with 160 VPN Locations.
  • Express VPN is a P2P friendly service, and therefore torrenting is allowed. It implies that this VPN works well for data-intensive tasks.
  • There are no bandwidth limitations for connections, so streaming is so smooth and seamless.
  • Moreover, the user interface is more intuitive. Strong encryption, along with leak-proof, provides you healthy protection.
  • It does provide security from various agencies and the scammers too. Accepts bitcoin payments, and there is also a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • It is the best VPN for Windows with no ad-blocking. Not the cheapest. The only access for 3 devices. And logs non-identifiable Metadata.

2. CyberGhost

Costs $12.99/month. It drops to $7.99/month for 6 months pack and $2.75/month for 12 months pack. (30-day money-back guarantee)

  • CyberGhost has nearly 5700 servers in more than 80 countries. Moreover, this is like clean and lightweight software with an intuitive User Interface.
  • It does provide us with secure P2P torrenting. And it can unblock most of the streaming services, especially Netflix US.
  • It does protect our data transit with 256-bit AES military-grade encryption on the OpenVPN protocol. And its premium tier stores no identifying logs.
  • By the way, it automatically protects you when you are connected to a new internet connection.
  • And also, CyberGhost allows access to the NoSpy Server. Simultaneously, you can connect it to the 7 devices. And there aren’t any bandwidth limitations.
  • It has no access in China and UAE. As far as support is concerned, other VPN still on top.

3. Norton

For single, it costs $4.99/month and $39.99/year; For 5 devices, $7.99/month and $39.99/year; And for 10 devices, $9.99/month and $59.99/year.

Norton VPN
Norton VPN
  • Norton VPN uses the OpenVPN protocol, which ensures speed and reliability. It does have servers in 73 locations in 29 countries. You have a server location to select for your spoofing.
  • Moreover, it has 1500 servers, of which 1200 are virtual. It does use 256-bit encryption.
  • It does have a kill switch feature. And above all, it doesn’t prevent DNS leaks. And it didn’t mask your IPv6 address.
  • It can unblock US Netflix. But the speed may vary based on your network bandwidth.
  • Norton VPN is a US-based one. Symantec in California owns it. The US has no law reinforcement on VPN companies. So you don’t have to worry about the tracking and collecting of your private data.
  • There is no P2P torrent or BitTorrent support. Comparing with others, it has fewer server locations. The speed of the server drops to 57%. It has some difficulties in streaming services.

4. Hotspot Shield

Free and Elite version. Elite version costs $12.99/month and $95.88/ year ($7.99/month).

Hotspot Shield
Hotspot Shield
  • The service provider is based in the US. It offers both Free and Elite versions. But the Free version comes with its own limitations.
  • The VPN does include OpenVPN and 256-bit AES encryption. There is zero-logging, which means there will not be any tracking of activities and logs. But then it maintains connection logs to a small extent.
  • The Hotspot Shield will cost your patience as it is a ticket-based one. The UI will be easy, even for beginners. Unfortunately, advanced users may not get full optimization.
  • You can get great speed in both versions and the protection for DNS leaks. Only on the Elite version, you can switch the server.
  • The encryption is so robust, and there is a free extension for Chrome and Firefox. You can connect to 5 devices simultaneously with this best VPN for Windows 10.
  • Evasive log policy; And there is no perfect forward secrecy; it lacks subscription flexibility; the free version comes with ads and bandwidth restrictions.

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5. Surfshark

Costs $12.95/month. It drops to $6.49/month for 6 months pack and $2.49/month for 12 months. (30-day money-back guarantee)

  • Surfshark deserves a special-mention in un-blocking various streaming services, including Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and even BBC iPlayer.
  • It comes with strong encryption and zero-logging. And the torrent is allowed. And it does have an excellent Kill switch feature that would prevent data leaks on your desktop.
  • There are no restrictions on the number of device connections. So this would be a better option when you have budget considerations.
  • It does offer secured tunneling protocols that include OpenVPN and IKEv2.
  • It has more than 800 servers in 50+ countries. The VPN app doesn’t log your IP, WebRTC, and thus prevents DNS leaks.
    • Small Server Network; Sometimes, the speed is very low. The features are very basic for professional users.

6. Buffered

Costs $12.99/month. It drops to $8.25/month for 12 months pack. (30-day money-back guarantee)

  • Buffered is totally based on a pro-privacy country called Hungary. They do have servers in more than 37 countries. It can unlock various streaming services include Hulu, Netflix, and BBC iPlayer.
  • Simultaneously you can connect it to the 5 devices. Moreover, it does support torrenting. So this is more of a budget-friendly one.
  • The feature set can cater to all the needs of professional VPN users too. And the pricing, speed is totally amazing.
  • It scouts the open WiFi network via Port Discovery mode. Regardless of the password, you can connect to that particular identified WiFi port. So this is a robust VPN to connect on public WiFi.
  • Has OpenVPN and 256-bit AES encryption, 24*7 customer support, no-logging, top-notch support. The UI is so polished and intuitive.
    • No Kill switch feature; The plans are a little expensive; It doesn’t accept bitcoins; It keeps connection logs for 30 days.

7. VPN Area

It costs $9.90/month. It drops to $4.92/month for 12 months pack and $2.99/month for 36 months. (30-day money-back guarantee)

 VPN Area
VPN Area
  • VPN Area is majorly focused on gaming, streaming, and torrenting. You can have a consistent speed and a smooth performance from this best VPN for Windows.
  • It is hosted in a privacy-friendly environment with Switzerland and Bulgarian hosted providers.
  • VPN Area comes with a zero-log policy along with 256-bit encryption features. You also have got a Kill switch once the connection goes all the running programs and the website closes.
  • For setting up, you would require a window admin access. And it hovers on every installed program. The client can be customized to your need and requirement.
  • The UI is so polished and intuitive. With VPN Area, you can connect with up to 6 devices. VPN Area includes log traffic and supports P2P torrent.
    • The download may be quite difficult. No continuous customer support; And requires admin access; There are few DNS leaks.

8. Nord VPN

Costs $11.95/month. It drops to $9/month for 6 months pack and 3.71/month for 12 months pack. (30-day money-back guarantee)

Nord VPN
Nord VPN
  • It is totally Panama-based VPN software. It never tracks, collects, or share any data. Nord VPN has 5700 servers in more than 60 countries.
  • The features include double-hop encryption that adds an additional layer of protection for your data. Moreover, this doesn’t have any bandwidth or file type restrictions.
  • They have a zero-logging policy that uses a DNS server and offers a kill switch. If your VPN is disconnected, it will close all the websites and other programs.
  • You can connect up to 6 devices to a single user account. It can also unblock Netflix. NordVPN also supports P2P torrenting.
  • The UI is more intuitive and easy to set it up and use. Supports Open VPN and other programs and also accepts bitcoins.
  • It doesn’t have any ad-blocking feature or it cannot block the other trackers. Can choose the server location but couldn’t specify a particular server.

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9. IP Vanish

Costs $8/month. It drops to $7.20/month for 6 months pack and $5.20/month for 12 months. (7-day money-back guarantee)

IP Vanish
IP Vanish
  • The next on the list of best VPN for Windows PC is IPVanish. It uses OpenVPN with strong 256-bit AES encryption that has zero-logs.
  • It doesn’t have any bandwidth restrictions. IPVanish offers unlimited and anonymous torrenting. Meanwhile, it ensures the fastest and flawless performance.
  • Moreover, it has servers in 60+ countries. That will help you unlock most of the top streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, and even BBC channels.
  • The interface is very intuitive. Along with that, it also prevents deep packet inspections. The feature includes SOCKS5 web proxy and Open VPN.
  • It supports simultaneous connection of 5 devices for a single user. There is 24*7 customer support. All the connections of IP Vanish are DNS leak protected. The VPN comes with an excellent Kill switch option.
  • It is a US-based VPN. The UI may take time to get used to. The VPN will not work in China.

10. VyprVPN

The standard Plan costs $9.95/month and at $60/year. Premium Plan costs $12.95/month and $80/year.

  • VyprVPN is known for its unlimited servers and IP addresses. It has 700 servers in 70+ different countries along with 200K IP addresses.
  • VyprVPN s is mostly based in the US, but then the parent company Golden Frog is from a privacy-friendly climate: Switzerland. That implies there is no hurdle in accessing various sites like Hulu, Netflix, or BBC iPlayer.
  • It doesn’t restrict bandwidth or file types torrenting. The UI is so easy to set up and use with all the self-descriptive buttons and stuff. Prevention of Deep-pocket inspection comes with the Pro and Premium plans.
  • Moreover, the application gives a transparent overview of your connection settings, including IP address, protocol, whether or not the NAT firewall is enabled, etc.
  • They own and operate their servers, so no third-party business. And it has unique Chameleon technology to bypass the state-imposed censorship blocks.
  • Not useful for gaming; No bitcoin and payment restrictions; No ad-blocking; Uneven speed.

Other Best VPN for Windows PC 10

I guess we have covered most of the Best VPN for Windows PC. There is no shortage of applications as we have many. But the above-mentioned ten tops every list. We do have other options.

  1. HotSpot Shield
  2. Private Internet Access
  3. HideMyAss
  4. Strong VPN
  5. Private VPN
  6. Ultra VPN
  7. Zenmate
  9. Ivacy
  10. Proton VPN
  11. Mullad VPN
  12. TunnelBear VPN
  13. TorGuard VPN

What would your prefer? What is your choice for your desktop? Do let us know in the comment section below.