Chromebook is a combination of both laptop and tablet. It runs on Chrome OS, providing the looks and feel similar to that of Android OS. Shifting from Windows PC to Chromebook is not a big thing. The difficulty comes when you perform any action. As Windows PC and Chromebook aren’t the same, their shortcuts differ as well. The most common thing that any Windows users miss on Chromebook is the right-click button. If you are one among many, then this section is dedicated to you. With no further delay, let’s see how to right-click on Chromebook.

Ways to Right-Click on Chromebook

Unlike Windows PC, you cannot right-click on Chromebook directly. Right-click option is used to carry out specific tasks. It is with which you can view the Context menu that has action related option to the selected content. There are two ways to right-click on Chrome OS, and they are

  • Using Keyboard and Finger
  • Just with Fingers

Method 1: Right Click on Chromebook using Keyboard and Finger

[1] Press and hold the Alt button on your keyboard

Alt key

[2] While holding, tap on your touchpad or trackpad.

Right-Click on Chromebook

[3] By doing that, you will see the context menu on your Chromebook.

Method 2: Right-Click on Chromebook just with Fingers

[1] With any two fingers, tap on the trackpad or touchpad of your Chromebook.

Right-Click on Chromebook

[2] Now you can see the context menu on your Chromebook.

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Alternative Way

If you find it difficult with the above-mentioned method to right-click on Chromebook, you can use an external mouse on your Chromebook. In my opinion, it is better to have an external mouse to right-click on your Chrome OS. Now, you can right-click or view the context menu directly just by clicking the right mouse button. You can use this method if right-click on Chromebook is not working.

Right-Click on Chromebook

Disable/Enable Tap-to-Click Function

[1] Open Settings from your Chrome menu.

[2] Navigate to Touchpad settings under the device section.

[3] Tap the slider next to Enable tap-to-click option.

[4] Click on OK to apply changes to your Chromebook.

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You can right-click on the Chrome OS with these two simple methods. If you have any doubts regarding the same, you shall make use of the comments section below. Also, mention what you do to right-click on Chromebook.