Apple Watch is one of the best smartwatches available. You can connect it to your iPhone and enjoy plenty of available features. It can also be used as a health tracking device as it comes with an ECG monitor, heart rate monitor, and many more activities. With an Apple Watch, you can use various functions that the iPhone does like receiving notifications, making and receiving calls, send messages, and GPS tracking. Apart from these features, you can set an alarm on Apple Watch as well.

Note: Update your Apple Watch to the latest version to get new features and reduced bugs.

How to Set Alarm on Apple Watch?

 Set Alarm in Apple Watch

If you set alarm on the iPhone, then your Apple Watch will alarm and vibrate as well. But this will happen only when your iPhone is synced with your watch and when both the devices are in a certain amount of distance from each other. If your phone is away and if you have set an alarm on your iPhone, then your watch will not notify you. It is better to set alarm on your Apple Watch separately.

You can set Alarm on your Apple Watch

  • Using Siri
  • Using the Alarm app

Set Alarm using Siri

This is the simplest way to set an alarm on your device. Just raise your wrist near your face and say “Hey Siri, Set alarm for ______” specify a time. If you want you can set some names as well. To set name say “Hey Siri, Set an alarm called _______ for _______“. If you are using a 12-hour clock format then don’t forget to mention AM or PM.

Use Siri

To change the alarm time just raise your wrist and say “Hey Siri, change my alarm from 5 AM to 6 AM“.

Check whether that Siri shows a green enabled toggle. This is just to make sure that the alarm is set on your watch instead of your iPhone. Mostly, Siri will respond with “Okay” or “I have done that” on-screen or through voice.

Set Alarm in Apple Watch using the Alarm app

1. Now on your Apple Watch home screen, tap on the Alarm app.

Add using Digital crown
Add Alarm and Set

2. Tap on the Add Alarm option on the Alarm app.

3. Rotate the digital crown accordingly to set the time. You can also use the touch screen as well.

4. If you want to set minutes, then use the digital crown to set.

5. Choose AM or PM. Then tap Set.

How to Set Alarm in Apple Watch

Likewise, to change an alarm time, you can use the same procedure and tap on the alarm you want to change. Now go to edit alarm. To delete tap the alarm and choose delete.

Set Nightstand Clock with alarm

Nightstand mode on Apple Watch
Nightstand mode on Apple Watch

Open Apple Watch app on your iPhone or iPad. Then go to My Watch >> General >> Turn on Nightstand mode. Now your watch will display time, alarm time, and charging status. So if you have enabled alarm using the alarm app or using Siri, then your watch will wake you up with Nightstand mode.

With the above methods, you can set alarm on your Apple Watch. Setting an alarm on Apple Watch is very simple like setting it on an iPhone or any other device. If you have any queries, ask us in the comment section below.