Lately, we have all been facing lots and lots of eye-related issues and sleeplessness. These are all due to the usage of mobile or computers in low-light environments or due to full brightness. It is indeed necessary to protect the eyes from getting hurt. Considering this, most of the apps and phones started providing Dark mode or theme support. iTunes interface is very bright, and it thus looks attractive. Using it during night times can strain the eyes. With the advent of macOS Mojave, we got a dark theme for iTunes, luckily. So here is how to enable dark mode on iTunes on Mac or Windows PC.

Enable Dark Mode on iTunes

The dark mode is very user-friendly, especially while using it during less lighting. All your background will become dark. It means all the letters will be in white colour and the background will be in black colour.

Yet another specialty of the dark mode is it could eliminate Bluelight Emission. This Bluelight is the one that gives you eye strain or insomnia. So dark mode will help us to get rid of all of these. Further, the dark mode is found to save the device battery to a considerable extent.

Dark Mode on iTunes on Mac

When the dark mode is enabled, almost all of your Mac’s features go dark. And that includes the dock, menu bar, system panel, and apps like App Store, iTunes, Safari, etc. Follow the steps given below to turn on the dark mode on your Mac.

Step 1: Before that, make sure that your macOS is updated to the Mojave version. Only then we can enable the dark mode. Or else update the macOS. (System Preferences >> Software Updates).

Step 2: On the top-left corner of your Window, you can find the Apple logo. Click the Apple logo.


Step 3: Now, choose System Preferences. Then go to General.

Dark mode on Mac
Dark mode on Mac

Step 4: On the Appearance section, choose the Dark option. In the case of the Catalina version, you will have an Auto option. Selecting it will automatically switch to dark mode in the nighttime and light theme during Day time.

Step 5: Now launch the iTunes application on your Mac. You can find its interface in dark mode.

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Use iTunes Dark Mode on Windows

Some of us have installed iTunes on Windows PC. Even in Windows, we have to enable the system-wide dark theme. Once it is enabled, the iTunes app will automatically work in Dark mode.

Settings personalization
Settings personalization

Step 1: Go to Start and navigate to Settings. You can also use Windows + I shortcut keys to open Settings.

Enable Dark Theme - Windows
Enable Dark Theme – Windows

Step 2: Then, choose Personalization. And then choose Color from the left side panel.

Customize Color Setttings - Windows
Customize Color Settings – Windows

Step 3: Under “Choose your color,” choose Dark. This will enable a dark theme on all your applications. Or choose Custom to choose Dark under choose your App mode.

If you want. you can customize the settings or pick up an accent color and other stuff.

You may find some issues while enabling dark mode. In those cases, install third-party apps like iMyFone or TunesFix app. It will detect the issue and provide you a solution. We guess this article has covered what you have been looking for. Do let us know in the comments.