Fossil is one of the royal and premium brands that has come up with their own smartwatches. With the arrival of Wear OS 5, Fossil has introduced some new features for their Smartwatches. As the Fossil smartwatch gives only 24 hours of standby, they have introduced a set of “Smart Battery Modes” to increase the battery life. There are four different modes available, and the following section will explain how to make use of those modes to save battery on Fossil Smartwatch.

Save Battery on Fossil Smartwatch using Smart Battery Modes

There are four different modes to save battery on the Fossil smartwatch.

  • Daily
  • Time Only
  • Extended and
  • Custom

1.1 Daily Mode

It is the default mode on Fossil Gen 5 watches. While using this mode, only the important features like Always-On Screen, Speaker, Bluetooth, and a few more will be active. The features like WiFi and location will change into the on-demand mode.

 Daily Mode
Daily Mode

1.2 Time Only

This mode will turn your smartwatch into a normal watch. It will be enabled automatically when the battery level of your Watch goes down from a certain level. It will turn off the Wear OS. Still, you can get the benefit of a normal watch.

Time Only Mode
Time Only Mode

1.3 Extended Mode

It is the perfect mode to extend battery life for a few more days. It will turn off all the features, including the speaker, WiFi, notifications, vibration, and more. Location and NFC will be set to on-demand and can be used when required. Moreover, the Bluetooth feature is also accessible only at a certain time limit.

Extended Mode
Extended Mode

1.4 Custom

If you are not comfortable with the past three modes, you can make use of the Custom mode to customize the settings according to your need. You can choose what features are needed to be active or inactive. Depending on the settings, your battery life will be increased.

Custom Mode
Custom Mode

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2. Other Ways to Save Battery Life on Fossil Smartwatch

  1. Change Watch face – attractive and graphic-rich faces will drain your battery so easily. Hence, it advisable not to use the ones with interactive and brighter colors.
  2. Screen Brightness – Excessive screen brightness may drain the battery level. Moreover, it is also not good for human eyes. So, use the device with the required brightness level.
  3. Turn off Notifications – Turn off those notifications you don’t want to see or use.
  4. Turn on Theater Mode – It will turn off the display and notifications by default.
  5. Uninstall Apps – Find and uninstall the unwanted apps that drain the battery.
  6. Limited WiFi – Turn off the WiFi when you don’t want to use it. It will prevent other apps from accessing WiFi in the background.
  7. Turn Off Always on Features – Swipe up on your screen, scroll right to find Settings >> tap Always on, and turn it off.

Did the information provided in this guide is very helpful? Or do you know other strategies to save battery life on Fossil Watch? Use the below comments section.