Smartwatches are getting new features constantly. They are the mere replacement for smartphones and PCs. Owning a smartwatch is like owning the world on your wrist. You can listen to songs, make and receive calls, reply to messages, and so on. For all the smart devices from TV to smartphones, one thing is common. You need to turn off the device when not in use. This goes the same for smartwatch too. When you are not using the watch or want to preserve the battery for the future, you can turn off your Fossil Smartwatch.

In smartphones and smart TVs, you have two ways to turn off the device. By using the power button or you can use the Settings menu to turn off the device. Similarly, You can turn off the device with the Power button and the Settings menu in the Fossil smartwatch.

Turn off Fossil Smartwatch Using Power Button

To turn off the Fossil smartwatch, press and hold the Power button or Crown button (middle button) for about 6-8 seconds. It will turn off. To turn on the device, press and hold the same Power button until the Fossil logo appears.

Turn Off Fossil Smartwatch Using Settings Menu

(1) Press the Power button to turn on the display. It will show you the time.

Turn Off Fossil Smartwatch

(2) Swipe down and click the Settings icon (gear shaped icon).

Settings icon

(3) The Settings menu will appear with options like Display, Sound, Apps, and more.

Turn Off Fossil Smartwatch

(4) Scroll down to the bottom and tap on the System option.

System option

(5) Now, on the System screen, Battery Saver, Date & Time, Restart will appear.

Turn Off Fossil Smartwatch

(6) Scroll down a little and tap on the Turn Off button next to the Restart button.

Turn Off Fossil Smartwatch

(7) It will ask for confirmation. Click the Tick icon.

Tick icon

(8) Now, the Fossil smartwatch will shut down.

Turn Off Fossil Smartwatch

(9) To turn on the watch, press and hold the Power button.

Turn Off Fossil Smartwatch

In the Fossil smartwatch, you can also go to the Settings menu in the app screen. To do so,

(1) Press the Power button once.

Turn Off Fossil Smartwatch

(2) The Apps menu will appear. Tap on the Settings option.

Settings option

(3) Then, repeat step 4 to step 9 to turn off and turn on the Fossil smartwatch.

You can also scroll through options by using the Power button. Gently, scroll the Power button like when you change the time on conventional watches. It will navigate between options.

Turn Off Fossil Smartwatch

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In Fossil smartwatch, there is no need to turn off the watch. Smartwatches are like smartphones: you can charge the device, use it until the battery dies, and charge it again. If you are in an emergency where you can get a power supply, you can turn off the Fossil smartwatch to preserve the battery. Don’t turn off and turn on the smartwatch unnecessarily. It will damage the software.