Sony is one of the oldest and most preferred choices of television brands. Nevertheless, it fails to impress its customers with a line of smart TVs. It includes OLED, LED, Android, and 4K. So, users will be able to experience TV watching up to 4K quality. It ensures better clarity, color, contrast, and sharp pictures. Sony TV has lots of apps, movies, music, and more other content. While it gives life to anything on the screen, it does bring in a few issues. Although the possibilities of getting problems are scarce, you still need to fix them up. Just like any device, Sony TV will be back to its working state after the reset. Hence we thought to guide you with the procedure to reset Sony TV.

Possible Issues that Requires Resetting Sony TV

You can perform the factory reset to fix up the following issues.

  • The picture isn’t appearing
  • The output is only sound and not video
  • Apps tend to be slow, not loading, and bring buffering
  • The remote controller isn’t working
  • Sony TV turn

How to Reset Sony TV?

Sony smart TV works on Android and non-Android operating systems. Hence the resetting steps will be different for both OS. The section below covers necessary guidelines to reset Sony TV to the factory settings.

  • Android TV
  • Bravia TV


  • Keep your Sony TV turned ON.
  • Remove external USB plugged into the TV.

Reset Sony TV – Android OS

There are methods in which Sony Android TV users can reset the device. It includes

  • Power or Soft Reset
  • Factory Reset

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Power Reset – Sony Android TV

Power or soft reset is recommended at first as it will resolve any common issues.

1. Press and hold the Power button on Sony TV remote by pointing it to the illumination or status LED.

2. Continue holding it for about 5 seconds or until you see the Power-off message.

3. When you get the Cancel or Restart option, choose the Restart option.

4. Now, Sony Android TV will restart automatically. It may take a minute or less to turn on.

Note: When Sony TV doesn’t reboot, press the Power button to turn on the TV.

5. Finally, you shall check if the problem gets resolved.

Power Reset using TV Menu

In addition to the above method, you can reset using the TV menu.

1. On the Sony TV remote, press the Home key.

2. Select the Settings option under the category Settings.

3. Choose About and then press Restart.

4. Check if this has resolved the issue you were facing.

Bonus! – Power Reset by Unplugging Power Cord

The one another way to soft reset Sony Android TV is by unplugging it.

1. All you should do is to turn off the TV.

2. Unplug the power cord from the power socket.

3. Let the TV stay without power for a few minutes.

4. Now connect the power cord back to the power outlet and turn it on.

5. Ensure if that resolved the issue.

Factory Reset – Sony Android TV

If the power reset doesn’t resolve any existing issues, follow the steps and hard reset Sony TV with Android OS.

Important Note: You will lose all of the below data after a factory reset

  • Google Account
  • Wireless network settings
  • Channels and Downloaded Application
  • System and Applications data

FYI: The steps given below will work if you can access the Home Screen of Sony TV. If that isn’t working, then skip to Try This! Section.

1. With Sony TV turned On, press the Home button on the remote.

2. Select Settings or the Gear icon.

3. Choose Device Preferences or Storage & Reset.

4. Select the Reset option. Some devices require you to selecting About and then Reset.

5. Highlight the Factory data reset option under the Reset column.

Reset Sony TV - Factory Data Reset

6. Choose Erase Everything and select Yes.

Try This!

Follow the steps to factory reset Sony Android TV if you can’t access the Home Screen of Sony TV.

1. Press the Help button on the Sony remote.

2. Select Manual (Help Guide) or Help Guide.

3. Choose Settings and then tap on Configuring the TV.

Reset Sony TV - Settings

4. Click the Watching TV or TV option.

5. Select Settings and then choose Device Preferences or Storage & reset.

6. Highlight Factory data reset and click Erase Everything.

7. Tap on Yes to finish the factory resetting process.

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Reset Sony TV – Non-Android OS

If you have a Sony TV that isn’t running on Android OS, then you can follow the section. Like Android, you can perform the following resetting.

  • Power or Soft Reset
  • Hard or Factory Reset

Power Reset – Non-Android SonyTV

The steps to power reset non-Android Sony TV are as follows.

1. Power off the TV, unplug the power cord from the electric socket.

2. Allow Sony TV to remain without power for a minute.

3. Now, plug the power cord back to the power outlet and turn on the TV.

4. Check if the issue got fixed.

Factory Reset – Non-Android Sony TV

You can perform the factory reset Sony TV if the soft reset has failed to resolve any issues.

FYI: The below steps will work if you can access the TV’s home screen with a remote. Not able to access the Home screen? Skip to Try This! Section below.

1. Press the Home button on the Sony TV remote to select Settings.

2. Choose System Settings to click on Customer Support.

3. Select Factory Settings and press OK to perform the factory reset.

Try This!

1. Plug out the power cord of the Sony TV from the power source.

2. Leave the TV without power for 60 seconds.

3. Now, connect the power cord to the socket and allow 40 seconds to power on the TV.

4. When it turns on, press the Up arrow and then press and release the remote’s the Power button.

5. Gently release the Up arrow, and the TV will factory reset. It will turn on within a few seconds.

That was all the possible ways in which you can reset your Sony smart television. Ensure your Sony TV Firmware is up-to-date to use it without any issues. If you have any queries, you shall ask us through the comments section.