Spectrum TV is a great source to browse for entertainment content. It has more than 250 live TV channels with Spectrum internet. Even otherwise, it lets you stream 150 live TV channels with an internet connection. It keeps updating new shows and movies now and then. Spectrum TV users can filter live TV under different categories, and thus streaming content is easy. While it is a multi-platform app, you will get to know in precise about how to Install Spectrum TV on Firestick.

How to Install Spectrum TV on Firestick?

Spectrum TV is available on the Amazon App Store officially. You shall proceed with the steps given below to install Spectrum TV on Fire TV.

1. Navigate on the menu bar of Firestick to select the Search icon.

2. Type in the search field as Spectrum TV by selecting the respective keys.

3. Select the same from the suggestions list to proceed.

4. Under Apps & Games, highlight the Spectrum TV tile and press the OK button on the remote.

5. On the following screen, select the Get button to start downloading it on Firestick.

6. After the download, click Open to launch Spectrum app on Fire TV.

Alternative – Sideload Spectrum TV on Firestick?

If Spectrum TV isn’t available on Amazon App Store, then you shall proceed with sideloading it.


  • Downloader App
  • Active Internet connection

Enable Unknown Sources

With Firestick connected to the internet or WiFi, you shall need to proceed with the following changes on the device.

1. While on the home screen of Fire TV, navigate to select Settings.

Spectrum TV on Firestick - Settings

2. Look for My Fire TV or Device or System options from the right to click on it, respectively.

Spectrum TV on Firestick - My Fire TV

3. On the next screen, you should select Developer options.

Developer Options

4. Go to Apps from Unknown Sources and highlight it. If it shows OFF, select it to turn ON.

Enable Unknown Sources

5. When Firestick brings you a warning message, click Turn On to accept it and proceed further.

Turn On

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How to Sideload Spectrum TV on Firestick?

With the above changes, any Fire TV users will get access to the Spectrum app. Here is the sideload procedure.

1. Select Apps on the Firestick menu bar to click on Apps.

2. Click on the Downloader tile and press the Ok button on the remote.

3. First time users need to accept the prompts, if any.

4. Download will open up with the Home tab selected by default. Click on the URL field.

Downloader Home Screen

5. Type the source URL of Spectrum TV as http://bit.ly/2OgNECP using screen keys and press GO.

Install Spectrum TV on Firestick - Enter URL

6. On the Downloader screen, navigate to the bottom to select the Download Apk button.

Install Spectrum TV on Firestick - Download Apk

7. In a few seconds, the Downloader will start downloading the apk file of the Spectrum app.

8. After the download, you will get the installation screen. Click on the Install option.


9. The installation process will begin, and it will complete in a few seconds.

Install Spectrum TV on Firestick - Installing

10. Make a click on the Done button. Otherwise, select the Open option to launch the Spectrum app on Fire TV.

Install Spectrum TV on Firestick - Open or Done

11. Click Delete when directed to Downloader screen to remove the apk file of Spectrum TV.

12. To confirm deleting the APK file, click on the Delete button once again.

That was all the steps involved with installing Spectrum TV on Fire TV. Hope that was a useful article for you. Leave a comment below in case of any queries.