YouTube has been one of the top choices when it comes to video streaming. It lets you discover and watch your favorite videos. YouTube has become an essential streaming tool and hence been made available on a wide range of devices including PlayStation. Besides playing games, you can stream videos with the installation of YouTube on PlayStation. Just like the mobile or PC version, the gaming console users will get access to all its features. It includes finding channels to accessing subscribed channels, playlists, and more. If you own a PlayStation, then try installing YouTube to experience how streaming looks on the gaming console.

How to Install YouTube on PlayStation?

YouTube is compatible with PlayStation 3 as well as 4. Here are the steps you should carry out to install YouTube on PlayStation.

1. Turn on your PlayStation gaming console and wait for it to load the Home page.

2. Provide login credentials such as sign-in email ID and password. Press Sign In button.

Sign in to PlayStation account

3. Navigate to the PlayStation Store to click on it and launch it.

4. Press Triangle on the controller to head to the top of the screen and click on the Search icon.

Select Search icon

5. When the search bar appears, start typing as YouTube. Choose the same from the suggestions.

Select YouTube

6. Upon redirecting to the Store page, click on the Download button to start downloading the YouTube app.

Choose Download

7. Wait until the download and installation to complete on the PlayStation console.

8. Now, you shall need to get back to the home menu to find TV & Video option on the application bar.

Select TV and Video

9. Select the YouTube tile from the list of apps installed under that category.

Choose YouTube tile

10. Optionally, if you have Premium YouTube access, then login to your account. The same applies to those who want to use comments, like, and subscription options.

Installing and accessing YouTube app on the PlayStation console is that simple and easy. If you have any clarifications or feedback, just drop us a comment.