Gone are the days where we have to print maps and use them. GPS has become an essential thing nowadays. All of us have got our smartphones in our hands. With emerge of lots of navigation apps, finding the location or place has become an easy thing. Such apps are improvised in such a way they give us live updates. i.e., You get live traffic updates, shortest route, nearest location, etc. So, you can reach your desired destinations on time. Fortunately, Google Maps isn’t the only option to find routes, and there are lots of GPS tracking apps for Android. So there is no shortage of navigation apps for Android devices. Moreover, many apps are available for offline navigation too. So we have listed out the best GPS apps for Android for your reference. Choose the one that caters to your needs.

Best GPS Apps for Android

The following are the few best navigation app for Android that you can make use of for navigating purposes. Most of them are available for various other platforms too.

1. Google Maps
2. Waze
3. Maps.Me
4. Find my kids
5. MapQuest
6. Glympse
7. Polaris GPS Navigation
8. HERE WeGo
9. Famisafe
10. OsmAnd
11. GPS Map Camera
12. Safe 365
13. Voice GPS
14. Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps
15. Life 360
16. Scout GPS Navigation
17. Map Factor
18. Karta
19. Route4Me Route Planner
20. ViaMichelin
21. Genius Maps
22. Where’s my Droid
23. BackCountry Navigator TOP GPS Pro
24. Maps Measure
25. GPS Essentials
26. GPX Viewer
27. SmartNavi
28. TomTom Go
29. Magic Earth
30. CoPilot GPS

1. Google Maps

Cost – Free

Google Maps is the first application that will come to our mind whenever we think of routes or navigation. It takes the crown for being such a wonderful application. You can use Google Maps in dark mode.

 Google Maps - Best GPS Apps for Android
Google Maps
  • The User Interface is very intuitive.
  • Navigations are so accurate. Accurate timing predictions.
  • You can get voice over instructions.
  • It provides reviews and ratings about a place or destination.
  • Guide to your nearest restaurant, hospitals, petrol bunks, ATM, etc.
  • You can download Maps offline.
  • Can get real-time traffic information.
  • Share maps through Whatsapp.
  • Moreover, simulation features are coming on the way.

2. Waze

Cost – Free

Waze is the largest community-based traffic and navigation application. Informs you about the road and route misshapen. But lately, it got acquired by Google Maps. Indeed it is one of the best GPS apps for Android.

  • Community-based apps so you can get live updates.
  • Update information on traffic conditions and other road accidents etc.
  • Turn by turn navigation guide, and it is voice-based.
  • You can add friends from your Facebook.
  • Automatic rerouting based on the navigation route conditions.
  • You can also use the app and alert others about the road conditions.
  • Guide to nearest and cheapest petrol bunks.
  • Post your destination and location on your Facebook timeline.

3. Maps.Me

Cost – Free

Yet another popular application for navigation includes Maps.Me. It is the best GPS apps for Android to work both online and offline modes. You can get updated maps via OpenStreetMaps and a voice guide in offline mode.

  • Full-featured search function and voice guide work even in the offline mode.
  • Rerouting and public transportation guide in offline mode.
  • Points of interest, ATM, restaurants suggestion.
  • Share your location with your friends.
  • You can even add bookmarks and make hotel bookings even without going out of the app.
  • Turn by turn navigation available in offline mode.
  • Get traffic updates for more than 36 countries.

4. Find My Kids

Cost – Free

For every parent, kids are their priority. So the Find My Kids app helps you locate your kids and know their whereabouts via GPS watch or any other programs. When Kids violate the Curfew, then you can make them aware of the dangers.

Find my kids - - Best GPS Apps for Android
Find my kids
  • Works via GPS enabled devices like phone or watch.
  • It tracks every moment. You can also listen to what is happening around your kids.
  • Simultaneously it will notify the Kid’s current location details.
  • Contact your kids with loud signals.
  • Monitor the child’s phone battery level.
  • Moreover, you can also find whether or not your child uses phones during class.
  • You have an Emergency button to inform.
  • Easy to use and 24*7 support
  • It has Voice messaging facilities, and you can also add or remove contacts to a phonebook.

5. MapQuest

Cost – Free with ads

It is one of the best GPS apps for Android to handle the original navigation services. MapQuest is one of the most used Android map applications in Canada and the US.

MapQuest - Best GPS Apps for Android
  • You will get your standard turn by turn navigation.
  • You can also get live traffic updates and rerouting.
  • It does suggest you with the nearest available gas station.
  • Use the app to call a tow truck in case of mishaps.
  • It gives up-to-date satellite imagery and multi-point routes.
  • You are getting a speedometer, live traffic cameras.
  • There is an option for automatically optimized rerouting.
  • It will get you all the nearest available points of interest.

6. Glympse

Cost – Free

If you want a spontaneous GPS tracking app, choose Glympse. You can track anything and everything you want so easily. It is the best GPS apps for Android to protect many things from theft and notify others via the community.

  • The interface is very intuitive and user friendly.
  • It doesn’t track any of your data so that your privacy is ensured.
  • The social community helps you to track anything easily.
  • Personalize your Settings and track the real-time location of whoever it is. Let’s say, Employees.
  • It is more compatible with a different wearable like smartwatches, iOS, etc.
  • It has a Sensitive radar for the precise location.
  • Communicate with connected members.
  • You can create a dedicated circle or group as per your requirements.

7. Polaris GPS Navigation

Cost – Free and Paid version that costs $0.99.

You can find this application in almost all lists of the best GPS apps for Android. The free version packs advertisements. The paid version doesn’t have ads and comes with few additional features at a low cost.

Polaris GPS Navigation - - Best GPS Apps for Android
Polaris GPS Navigation
  • It is specialized in the outdoorsy types.
  • The app is better when you are planning for hiking, hunting, sailing, and even fishing.
  • It comes with lots of sensor tools like a compass, parameter panel, odometer, speedometer, altimeter, chronometer, etc.
  • The GPS app is used by military personnel for land-sea search and rescue.
  • It does have multiple coordinate formats.
  • Along with that, you can get trail recording.
  • There is also a unique waypoint management system.
  • Moreover, we also get turn by turn directions as well.

8. HERE WeGo

Cost – Free

The best GPS apps for Android include HEREWeGO. The app also specializes in offline navigation. It has offline maps for more than 100 countries. It is one of the few serious competitors to Google maps.

  • Offline mode instructs you with the public transportation ticket prices.
  • Also, it can suggest the bus, train timetables.
  • You can compare various modes of transportation.
  • It will suggest not only the fastest but the cost-effective way.
  • You can also book a ride with HereWeGo.
  • Real-time traffic information.
  • Along with the turn by turn direction instructions.
  • Customize the application by saving the destination for later.
  • The map creator will let you alter the maps.

9. Famisafe

Cost$9.99/month, $41.99/ year, $19.9/3 months

We always wanted our family kids to be safe from everything. So the Famisafe ensures you the most yearned safety. It is considered the most reliable application for ensuring family safety.

Famisafe - Best GPS Apps for Android 1
  • Monitor the whole family by knowing their exact location.
  • You can block adult content on your child’s phone.
  • Moreover, you can also control the screen time for your child’s phone.
  • It can detect suspicious content and prevent your family from online dangers.
  • You can also use it to block inappropriate ads.
  • Monitor the browsing history of your kids.
  • The app can even detect risky keywords and notify you.
  • It is more of a parent-friendly application, and no kids will ever want it.
  • And it could restrict various content on your kids’ mobile.

10. OsmAnd

Cost – Free and Paid versions. €1.99/month, €3.99/3 months, €7.99/year.

It is the most popular application to work both online and offline. The free version has its own download limits. There is a feature called in-app purchases where you can purchase. It is still one of the best GPS apps for Android.

OsmAnd - - Best GPS Apps for Android
  • It works both online and offline.
  • The voice guiding feature gives on-time instructions.
  • Lane guidance and ETA features.
  • Guide for even cycling routes.
  • In a few countries, you will get plug-in for ski resort routes.
  • Street names are so accurate.
  • Accurate estimation of the time.
  • You will also find various suggestions and points of interest.

11. GPS Map Camera

Cost – Free and in-app purchases

The next best on the list of best GPS apps for Android is GPS Map Camera. You can find the addresses with live photographs. The current location with photos is saved in real-time.

GPS Map Camera
GPS Map Camera
  • Send previews of various locations with map and weather conditions along with date and time.
  • Once the picture is clicked, the whole location will be pasted from Google maps.
  • It includes the location is precise with latitude and longitude details.
  • Moreover, it does support various file formats.
  • You can share the location very easily.
  • The navigations are so simple.
  • There are also various drawing styles included in Maps.
  • You can also set latitude and longitude manually.

12. Durcal by Safe 365

Cost – Free

The app is mainly to stay connected with your family even if you are not there. It is mainly an eldercare app to take care of older family members. Durcal app also includes a health tracker.

Safe 365
Safe 365
  • Locate your family members with real-time GPS location.
  • It provides automatic notifications when your family member arrives or leaves from a place.
  • You can ensure your family members’ health and happiness with a personalized dashboard.
  • You can also share photos and videos with a customized gallery.
  • SOS button for emergency alerts.
  • It lets you look for eldercare by searching nearby nursing homes and other stuff.
  • You can send a battery warning to your family members.
  • It gives 3 modes of location sharing like exact location, approximate, and routes.

13. Voice GPS

Cost – Free. In-app purchase.

Voice is something more convenient than the actual tracing routes. With Voice GPS, you can find the routes through voice recognition. We have a route finder, local place finder, and even route preview.

 Voice GPS
Voice GPS
  • Find routes and nearby places along with previews and live address info through voice.
  • Measure the distance efficiently. It also includes Gyroscope with various modes like St&ard camera, Map, Telescope, Satellite, etc.
  • It is an all in one application with extra features of ISD and STD code finders, mobile number trackers, and DND status.
  • Compass feature to find paths.
  • Routes found could be saved in the history.
  • Live traffic updates along with the nearest possible routes.
  • You can also search street views, nearby places, route guides with voice.
  • Obtain live addresses with perfect voice navigations.

14. Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps

Cost – Has free and paid versions. The paid version costs Asia alone € 49.99 Asia + Traffic € 79.99 and World + Traffic € 99.99. With a 7-day Free Trial.

With more than 50 million downloads, Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps app is being adored and used by most. That’s the reason for it on the list of best GPS apps for Android. It does have a paid version, but that features will tempt only those who live by traveling.

Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps - Best GPS Apps for Android
Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps
  • It gives turn by turn navigation and a voice guide.
  • We can also enjoy offline maps as part of an agreement with the TomTom app.
  • Live traffic updates and speed limit instructions.
  • You can get various alternative routes for reaching your destination.
  • You can get Parking availability of information and price.
  • Lots and lots of safety features that give you various warnings about sharp turns and other road diversions.
  • Get information about speed cameras.
  • It does provide 3D maps.

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15. Life 360

Cost – Free, In-app purchases.

It is yet another popular family tracking application to ensure family and kids’ safety. With Life 360, you can stay connected with people very easily. You can create groups called circles.

Life 360 - Best GPS Apps for Android
Life 360
  • You can create groups and circles to chat with them for free in Family Locator.
  • View the real-time location of your family members in maps that are customized to your family alone.
  • You can get real-time notifications when your circle member arrives or leaves a place.
  • Track your lost mobile phones.
  • You can create multiple circles and groups.
  • The GPS tracker comes with additional driving support.
  • It can sense any mishaps and send alerts to your members.
  • You can exchange various info among the members.
  • More privacy and organized location info and past logs.

16. Scout GPS Navigation

Cost – Free basic version; Premium version costs $4.99/month and $24.99/year.

Scout GPS Navigation is one of the oldest GPS applications but with frequent updates. They positioned themselves as “only social navigation apps.” Moreover, the app is formerly known as TeleNav.

Scout GPS Navigation  - Best GPS Apps for Android
Scout GPS Navigation
  • Most reliable and stable navigation app.
  • The app features more people, so it gives you a unique touch.
  • You can text people automatically with the ETA.
  • It features location-based social media elements that make it unique.
  • It has our normal turn by turn navigation.
  • You can also get real-time traffic and speed limit information.
  • It can recommend restaurants and other spots based on users’ suggestions.
  • The app is currently available in the US only.

17. MapFactor

Cost – Free, Premium pack costs at $6.6, Ad-free pack at $2.3, Alternative routes at $4.5, Head-up display at $3.3.

The app is mainly for offline use only. It is yet another application that navigation powered by OpenStreetMaps. The app is available in 200 countries. Indeed it is one of the best GPS apps for Android.

  • Turn by turn navigation is available.
  • You can even plan a trip with minute down details.
  • A door to door route details is available.
  • Sub-route area classification for densely populated areas.
  • Can give information about the speed cameras.
  • Mode of transportation-related instructions.
  • It also includes native TomTom maps.
  • Live HFD traffic alerts.
  • Automatic reroutes and alternative route suggestions.

18. Karta

Cost – Free.

You can get a compelling navigation system on your Android phone with the Karta app. The app is available for both online and offline usage. You can customize the app.

Karta - Best GPS Apps for Android
  • The fun feature is you can customize the app with various voices for navigation instructions. You can also use your voice to search.
  • Download maps for offline usage for free.
  • Get various traffic updates and beat the traffic.
  • You will be notified of the speed limit instructions too.
  • The app even suggests you with various other points of interest like restaurants, shopping, monuments, etc.
  • And also, you can get an excellent lane and parking assistance.
  • Turn by turn navigation and calculate accurate time.
  • Few other features include lane assistance, automatic rerouting, walking directions, tourists attractions, etc.

19. Route4Me Route Planner

CostFree for 10 routes/month and unlimited stopping, $10/month for unlimited route and unlimited stopping, $79/year for the unlimited route, and unlimited stopping.

The app is specially designed for commercial purposes. Mainly for the logistics related business and for the delivery drivers. It is one of the most used route planning or optimization applications. Hence, it is listed under the best GPS apps for Android.

Route4Me Route Planner
Route4Me Route Planner
  • We can plan unlimited routes with unlimited stops.
  • You can pick the destination of arrival and departures, which implies you can customize many things.
  • The app gives voice-guided navigation in your favorite navigation app.
  • It keeps track of the locations.
  • Save your info and update addresses on the address books.
  • A virtual search of any location or any stops.
  • Calculate the distance and time to travel.
  • You can eliminate over-time, bad routes, and bad drivers.

20. ViaMichelin

Cost – Free

Have you heard of Michelin? A tire manufacturer. They came with one of the best GPS apps for Android. The app is perfect for car owners. Moreover, you can plan an entire trip with ViaMichelin.

  • It provides perfect turn by turn navigation.
  • You get real-time traffic information.
  • The app does feature 3D maps.
  • You can get various alerts from the community.
  • You will be informed about the mishaps or road conditions.
  • It includes an excellent voice guiding feature.
  • You can also plan your holidays with this app.
  • They provide various details for safe road driving and touring.
  • It suggests hotels, tourist spots, etc., and let you plan our trip in a cost-efficient way.

21. Genius Maps

Cost – Free, In-app purchases

It is yet another application for offline maps and route planning. You don’t need an internet connection to search and navigate. There will not be any roaming costs as your maps are stores offline.

Genius Maps
Genius Maps
  1. Unlimited and free downloads of Professional navigation Maps.
  2. No roaming costs and saves battery life.
  3. Live traffic updates along with various road maintenance and accident updates.
  4. Connect with the car’s infotainment system.
  5. You also get notified about safety and speed cameras.
  6. It totally covers the whole world.
  7. It also provides turn by turn voice instructions in local languages.
  8. This app also includes automatic rerouting, speed limit alerts.
  9. It can find and notify various Points of interest.

22. Where’s my Droid

Cost – Free, Premium subscription at $8.99/year

The app helps you to find your Android devices remotely. It can access the accurate and precise real-time locations of your various android devices. And the app is more popular and used by various people.

Where's my Droid
Where’s my Droid
  • Find the Android device via vibration or ring or using GPS location.
  • You can lock the device remotely and wipe the storage.
  • Protect with a passcode to prevent app authorization.
  • Notifies when phones battery drain and other changes, including SIM.
  • You can prevent the app from uninstallation and take pictures with the phone’s camera.
  • Geofencing and auto-theft detection.
  • Location updates, motion alarm, location history.
  • It includes GPS-Flare features.

23. BackCountry Navigator TOP GPS Pro

Cost – Free, Premium version costs $9.99 to $29.99.

The primary focus of this application is hikers. You can get a various number of topographical maps. The app is pretty expensive when compared to the others on the list.

BackCountry Navigator TOP GPS Pro
BackCountry Navigator TOP GPS
  • Perfect for hiking and where the data services aren’t available.
  • The apps come with a few fun features.
  • You can add various spots to your favorites.
  • Can view different types of trials.
  • The premium pack can give you unlimited ad-free access.
  • The topographic maps include terrains, Street maps, and even marine maps.
  • And useful for hiking, hunting, backpacking, and snowshoeing.
  • It can easily replace your Garmin Handled GPS.
  • You can purchase top Map sources, boundary maps, lack contours, trial maps for ATV rides, equestrian, and whitewater.

24. Maps Measure

Cost – Free

The next on the list of the best GPS apps for Android is Maps Measure. The app is straightforward and easy to use. It gives you simple navigational instructions and one of the best GPS apps for Android.

Maps Measure - Best GPS Apps for Android
Maps Measure
  • The UI is very intuitive.
  • Simple navigational instructions.
  • Click on the map to specify the start and stop.
  • The app estimates the distance and time accurately.
  • It doesn’t have any route planning features.
  • The app is a very lightweight one.
  • The app is very straight forward and self-explanatory.
  • No route planning and other rerouting business.

25. GPS Essentials

Cost – Free contains Ads.

The name stands for itself as it has all the essential GPS features for various functions. It is the complete GPS tool available. It has a dashboard with 45 widgets.

GPS Essentials
GPS Essentials
  • The dashboard has 45 widgets that include finding routes, navigate, identify waypoints, etc.
  • You can build your own personalized dashboards.
  • The dashboard has major navigation parameters and efficient route management.
  • You can export or import all your waypoints.
  • There is also a satellite view of locations.
  • The compass included covers the Earth’s magnetic field.
  • It has complete GPS tools, and collections are used for various functions.
  • And moreover, it does support Google Maps, MapQuest, OpenStreet Maps, and others.

26. GPX Viewer

Cost – Free, In-app Purchases

This app allows you to track various routes along with an excellent view of the map. You can export or import or share real-time locations. Moreover, it does support various file formats.

GPX Viewer - Best GPS Apps for Android
GPX Viewer
  • You can get live weather and traffic updates.
  • It supports various file formats, and even you can compress them into Zip files.
  • It gives detailed trip status along with graphs of speed, elevations, etc.
  • This is very simple to use.
  • You can also adjust map positions too.
  • This app will notify you about waypoint distances.
  • The app also integrates with other online maps.
  • The user interface is so intuitive, and we can customize it too.
  • Customize the data and information to cater to your needs.

27. SmartNavi

Cost – Free

The SmartNavi app is specially designed to save your phone’s battery life. The app is a light-weighted one. The app is GPS independent. It is estimated that it saves 80% energy.

  • The app is GPS independent and comes with internal sensors.
  • It comes with a step-based open-source navigation system for pedestrians
  • You can get the location data for other navigation apps.
  • The apps do not rely on GPS.
  • This app may not give you more precise directions.
  • There are frequent updates that come with the app.
  • The app is made better in each update by developer integrations.

28. TomTom Go

Cost – Free; In-app purchase. The first 50 miles is free; €14.99/year and €34.99 for 3 years.

With millions of downloads, this is one of the most used GPS applications. It is also a popular application. They tagged themselves as the smartphone app from the GPS device maker.

TomTom Go Navigation - Best GPS Apps for Android
TomTom Go
  • You can get offline maps. M most of the offline apps will seek the help of TomTom professionals.
  • You can get offline routes.
  • There is a precise live traffic alert and speed camera info.
  • The feature is available in more than 150 countries.
  • It also features 3D maps.
  • You can also get voice-enabled instruction.
  • The app is handy if you are taking an international road trip.
  • It features advanced lane guidance to ensure that you are riding correctly.

29. MagicEarth

Cost – Free

Yet another best GPS app for your Android smartphone is MagicEarth. It is one of the most reliable apps. And it gives additional support to save your phone’s battery life.

  • Magic Earth cares about our privacy. It doesn’t track us.
  • The maps are powered by OpenStreet available for both online and offline mode.
  • There are 2D, 3D, and satellite maps.
  • It gives faster navigation with accurate route planning along with multiple waypoints.
  • Every minute real-time traffic info.
  • It gives notifications on speed cameras and speed limits.
  • Give more precise details about your public transportations.
  • It provides the nearby parking space and more details about the various points of interest.
  • You can get turn by turn navigations along with lane assistance.

30. CoPilot GPS

Cost – Free and Premium packs vary from $9.99 to $29.99 in-app purchase. (7 days free trial).

The primary focus of this particular application is in-car navigation. People taking the route by walk can avoid this application. The app particularly excels in route planning.

CoPilot GPS
CoPilot GPS
  • Perfect Route planning for the rides.
  • Three separate options to choose your routes and rides.
  • Each route can add up to 52 waypoints.
  • It will give suggestions to the nearest point of interest.
  • The search feature is available in offline mode too.
  • The premium feature comes with a 3D map.
  • And also include a voice assistant.
  • In the free version, 2D turn by turn navigation is available.

And that’s it about the best GPS apps for Android. You can carefully analyze and choose the one that suits you.