Subscriber Identity Module, aka SIM card, is a customer card that can be removed from the phone at any time. The SIM card connects you to the network provider and thereby lets you communicate with others. Every other smartphone, including iPhone, comes with a built-in SIM card tray or slot into which you can place your SIM card. Inserting and removing the SIM card from iPhone is a simple thing, and this task requires opening up the SIM card slot as the primary task. For any reason, if you want to change or remove the SIM, you need to know how to open the SIM card slot on iPhone.

As there are many models on the iPhone, you need to locate the SIM tray first. It will be anywhere between the middle and bottom on the left or right side of the latest iPhones. Some of the older iPhones have the SIM tray at the top. Let’s check out the possible ways in which you can open the SIM card slot on your iPhone from this section.

How to Open SIM Card Slot on iPhone

As said, there are different tools available to open the SIM card tray on iPhone. You shall find the possible options by getting into this article.

Using the Ejector tool

The upcoming method works on all iPhone 4 and later models, including the X series. You can effortlessly eject the SIM card from iPhone using the SIM ejectors like a safety pin, needle, staple, toothpick, fishing hook, and more.

1. Turn off your iPhone. To do it, hold the Power button on the right for few seconds. Swipe the Slide to Power Off slider to turn off your phone.

2. The SIM Card tray will usually be present on the right or left side. You can identify it easily by looking for a small hold.

SIM Card tray - How To Open SIM Card Slot On iPhone

3. Insert any of the SIM ejector tools on the hold, and press gently on that hole.

Press inside the Tray - How To Open SIM Card Slot On iPhone

4. Now, Pull the SIM tray outwards. It will be very easy to pull the SIM slot out. Insert the SIM on the SIM card by placing it according to the structure of that tray.

Insert or Remove the SIM - How To Open SIM Card Slot On iPhone

5. The SIM tray needs to be inserted in only one direction. Make sure that you place the tray in the correct direction and press gently.

Insert the SIM - How To Open SIM Card Slot On iPhone

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Open SIM Card Slot On iPhone Original 3Gs and Earlier

1. The SIM Card tray will be located on the top of your device near the power button in these models. You can switch off your iPhone prior to removing your SIM slot.

Locate the Sim Slot - How To Open SIM Card Slot On iPhone

2. Use your SIM ejector tool and press it gently on the small hole of that compartment.

Use SIM ejector and press gently.

3. Now, pull the SIM Slot gently outwards. With this, you can remove the SIM from the slot easily.

Open the SIM card slot on iPhone.

4. If you want to place a new SIM card, place it based on the structure of the SIM tray.

Insert Sim Slot back

5. Insert the SIM slot in the same direction you have opened.

Using Paper Clip

If you have lost your SIM ejector tool, you can open your SIM slot using a paper clip. The steps to do the same are given below.

1. Get a medium-sized paperclip and straighten one side.

Use Medium sized Paper clip to open SIM Card Slot On iPhone.

2. Locate the SIM Slot compartment on your iPhone and on the hole of that compartment, insert the tip of the clip, and press gently.

Insert the paper clip on the SIM Slot hole

3. The tray will open slightly. Now you can pull it out easily.

4. Now, place a SIM and insert the slot in the same direction you have removed.

We hope you guys have learned how to open a SIM tray in this tutorial. You can go ahead to try any of the procedures to remove