MXQ Pro is an Android-based streaming device that is connected through the HDMI port of your TV/monitor. This device can convert any kind of monitor or TV with HDMI port to Android TV. If you are experiencing any continous error or malfunctioning on your MXQ pro then it can be solved by resetting your MXQ pro device. To know how to reset MXQ pro, scroll down to the article below.

Ways to Reset MXQ Pro

There are two ways/methods available to reset your MXQ pro device and they are

  • Factory Reset via in-built Settings
  • Hard Reset using the Reset button

Warning: Both the reset methods wipes out all the data and cannot be restored. So make sure you have a backup before resetting your MXQ pro.

Factory Reset via in-built Settings

[1] Connect and Turn on your MXQ pro device.

[2] Click on Settings from the home screen.


[3] Select Storage & Reset under device column.

storage and reset

[4] In Storage or Reset menu, select Factory data reset.

factory data reset

[5] Now select Full Reset/Erase everything, under Factory data reset.

Reset MXQ Pro - full reset


[3] Select More settings under Preference.

More settings - Reset MXQ Pro

[4] Select Backup & Reset settings and choose Factory Data Reset.

Reset MXQ Pro

[5] Now click on Reset MBX button and next click on Erase Everything

erase everything

[6] Now your device will start resetting by erasing all the data on MXQ pro.

Reset MXQ Pro

[7] Once completed, your device will be back to the home screen and now you can use as usual.

Hard Reset MXQ Pro using the Reset button

Factory reset will most probably solve all the problem that resides on your MXQ pro device. A hard reset should be done only when your screen freezes and you get no response to any of your commands.

[1] Plug out the power cable from your MXQ pro device and let the HDMI cable connected.

[2] Now using a blunt pin/Tooth pick press into the AV hole until your hear a click and hold.

AV hole

[3] While holding the AV plug back the power cable.

[4] Wait until the MXQ Pro logo appear on the screen and release the pin from the AV hole.

[5] Now you will see a recovery menu on your screen.

[6] Choose Wipe data/factory reset from the menu.

wipe data - Reset MXQ Pro

[7] Select Yes to delete all user data.

Reset MXQ Pro

[8] Wait until your data gets wipe and reset completely.

Reset MXQ Pro

[9] Now, select Reboot system Now from the recovery menu that appears.

reboot system now

[10] That’s it, now your device reboots and resets to default settings.


These are some of the ways to reset your MXQ pro device. It is advised that you don’t need to reset often. Also, make sure you have backed up the data prior to the reset. Because once resetting is done you cannot restore any data. You can also try to update the MXQ Pro firmware to resolve issues. If you have any doubts make use of the comments section below. For more tech updates and articles, explore the site.