Garmin Watches are Smartwatches similar to that of Fitbit, Galaxy smartwatch, etc. It runs on its operating system called the Garmin OS. Apart from Fitness monitoring, it also has features like receiving notifications, answering calls, running applications, listening to music, and more. In order to save battery power on your Garmin Smartwatch while traveling, it better to turn off the device screen. In this article, let’s see the way to turn off Garmin Watch.

In case of errors like freezing, hanging, or lagging, it is better to reset your Garmin Watch and fix the issue.

How to Turn Off Garmin Watch Screen

This method is applicable to all models of Forerunner, Instinct, Fenix, and GPS Smartwatches. All you need to do is press the Light button on your Garmin smartwatch, and the device will turn off automatically.

Turn Off Garmin Watch - light button

If you have Venu and Vivo series models, you have to press the top right button on your Smartwatch while the screen is on to turn it off.

Steps to Shutdown/Power Off Garmin Watch

[1] Press and hold both the light and start/stop buttons on your Garmin smartwatch.

[2] Hold until it shows “Shutdown?” on the screen.

[3] By default, it will display No option.

[4] Press the start/stop button to change it to Yes.

[5] Press the page/menu button to confirm.

[6] Your Garmin smartwatch will shutdown completely.

Note: In some Garmin watch models like Venu and Vivo series, you need to just press and hold the top right button to shutdown.

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To power on your Smartwatch, just press and hold the light and start/stop buttons until the device turns on.

Turning off Garmin Smartwatches is simple and takes only a matter of time to shutdown and restart. If you have any doubts, make use of the comments section below. If you are interested in Smartwatches and willing to read more related guides, visit regularly.